Sunday, 21 January 2018

Worcester Sauce, Worcester Sauce On The Wall...

Aren't you the funniest deed of all.

A Sunday morning, cold and lazy called for a nice fry-up of eggs on toast. Dishes freshly done, surfaces clean and plates filled with scrumptious eggs on toast.

Bob likes to soak his lot in Worcester sauce and a touch of tomato sauce. For some odd reason beyond my control I have been afflicted by a cleaning frenzy ( well, a little more than normal ) and before I could even think of eating my breakfast I wanted to clear the decks and put all the condiments away. Salt, pepper and of course Worcester sauce which really is just a fancy label for an ordinary fish sauce. At least that's what it tastes like to me.

No, it didn't take long for the malheur to occur...the bottle of sauce decided to vacate the shelf before even settling on it. It fell from the top shelf, with me standing there agog and too slow although watching with almost fascination while it created a graffiti within seconds. White walls no more. It was as if a painter had shaken his wet brush strongly along the wall, surfaces and appliances.

There was only one thing I could think of in this situation. I needed help.

" Oh no, Bob come quickly! "
When he eventually came, I had already started to wet a dishcloth and wiped it over the first few marks. It wiped a clear swath through the top dots and when Bob happened upon this scene, without me looking any worse for wear apart from annoyed, he did exactly the opposite of what I was hoping for.. .
" What did you do? Oh well, it's coming off nicely so you don't need me. "
and with that he went back to the lounge to leisurely continue his breakfast with a parting shot:
" You dropped it not me ! "

Marriage, how boring life would be without it...