Friday, 5 January 2018

Bob's The Kindest Of Men.

Kindness and manners make an exceptional combination.

Bob and I were doing a can run this afternoon, which involves taking empty cans and glass bottles to the appropriate containers behind the graveyard and on the way back we stopped at Kainz's. He went inside and I waited in the car.

After a rather long while he came out to tell me that we'd be giving an older lady a lift home. They had been chatting and she'd asked him whether he could run her home as her knee was giving her trouble. If she were English, she'd receive a personalized birthday telegram from The Queen in a decade. Despite her age, she still takes a shopping trolley and meanders to the local shop. Fabulous.

Anyway, as I was sitting and waiting, I heard them before I saw them. Bob, ever the gentleman, was chatting to her and gallantly holding her arm while wheeling her full trolley behind him. One can tell kindness by the little things. Helping an older person over a step, curb or into a car seat shows manners and kindness...

Look, the drive home took mere seconds but it was enough to have a chat. It always amazes me hwo the older generation hardly every miss a point, detail, tidbit or clue. Literally. This divine lady knew where Bob worked and that on Monday his three weeks of leave are up.

" Herr T..., when are you starting work again? "
" Mrs ...., on Monday we start in the vineyard. "
" Goodness me, those three weeks went fast. "
The funny thing is, that we mostly just nod and greet when driving past her but don't exchange a lot of conversation...which leads me to believe the the grapevine is far from rusty and could put google in the shade.