Friday, 19 January 2018

Oh My, How Time Flies..

Rather startling to say the least.

Today being Friday, which in itself tells a lot about the speed of time because just the other day it was Monday, started off interesting to say the very least. As per usual Bob and I were purveying breakfast TV, a good way for Bob to acquire the language and he enjoys keeping abreast of what's been happening in Austria. Of course he notices every little change in hairstyle of the female presenters...

Anyway, at about a quarter to six they had their celebrity segment and I nearly fainted when I saw a photo of an elderly woman, sans make-up being caught leaving a house. Both of us were speechless to hear that it was Madonna, who is in her late fifties now. Wow, what a shocker. Where is the woman who made holey clothes, dark eye-makeup and funk hairstyles fashionable? It was a tad bit nasty to show her without make-up, but in the current news environment she could easily pull it off as fake news.

In fact, this new craze of fake anything can be quite useful when climbing the lofty heights of a scale. The amount of courage it takes to climb on is often not worth it and quite frankly, it only tells fake news!

I think it was a shock to us because we both remembered dancing at discos ( don't get a lot of those anymore ) to various hits of Madonna and frankly spending our youth alongside her meteoric rise to fame.

Yesterday the concept of time was broached again when one of my extra lesson's kids had to learn a story about Steven Spielberg whom he didn't have a clue about nor of Jaws, which I was embarrassed to admit to seeing back in the day! I don't know if he can conceptualize anyone other than his grandparents being around in 1977.

But, back to time...The new school year has started in South Africa and it felt odd to see children of friends and family, who were just born the other day, starting school already...

Time, treasured, measured but too often wished away.