Wednesday, 3 January 2018

A Touch Of Bowie.

Changing times, changing seasons.

It's the strangest thing really, trying to get a sense of the current weather. A week of temperatures in the teens are offset by frost, ice and rather cold air. Winter with a difference.

Wednesday, our community walking day seems to mostly have been a blink of an eye behind the previous one. A nice way to catch up and this morning we were walking and talking on thin ice. Despite this cold description it was divine to be two steps behind the warming sun and witness the road ahead melt back to a normal hue.

Bob's leave is close to being a memory in the rear view mirror but I can tell he's eager to get back to work. After today, even more so. A parcel arrived, his boots to outfox the iciness. Bob had scoured the whole of Ober and Unterwart in vein. It seems that most local men navigate life on a small footing as size 46 has yet to grace the shelves. We had to widen the bookends of online shopping to include boots. Couldn't be helped.

Gosh, Bob was chuffed to get the parcel and within minutes had assembled its contents. Or rather disassembled...his winter boots have an inlay. A shiny inlay, an inlay resembling a stage prop from Ziggy Stardust. You know, I think Bob was quite sad to hide the Bowie prop inside the boot but at least he had a chance to show off his new moon boots to Maus and I.

The festive season has come to an almost abrupt halt and the scaffold of routines is slowly picking us off the couches and making it easier to leave the wonderful week spanning Christmas and New Year behind for another year.


Who wouldn't want to go for a nice walk in these surrounds?