Monday, 15 January 2018

Small Town Postal.

Delivery of a different kind.

About a week ago we had ordered something and have been huddled around our postbox awaiting for it ever since. At first we attributed a superhuman persona to the Austrian Postal Service and were almost cross when our parcel didn't arrive within hours, but then reason prevailed and with it a dose of patience.

Patience of a sort...last week I was working with mum albeit still in Eisenberg when I heard ( yes, you hear them before you see them ) the post van pull up outside. Don't ask me why, but wherever I am, he recognizes me.

" Hi, have you got a parcel for me? We are expecting one. "

" Eh no, sorry, nothing ! "
The weekend intervened and I'd almost forgotten it when out of the blue this morning the nicest and oddest ( compared to other places ) thing happened. I was walking back from a bout of work, on foot because of the icy conditions and being rather scared to park the car sans handbrake, and as it was a tad bit chilly, I was wrapped in coats, gloves and scarves. Focusing mainly on my footing, I did however notice the yellow flash out of the corner of my eye.

He was performing the postal dance of stop-starting on the road ahead of me and when he saw me ( about a hundred meters off ) he waved and shouted;

" I've got a parcel for you "
wow, divine. My feet sped up and as I got to the van, he already had the parcel in his hand. Brilliant. Luckily it wasn't heavy otherwhise he'd have driven it home for me. He was chuffed that I was chuffed and after giving my squiggle on the electronic notepad, he was off.

For me, it made all the difference that he knew me, that he remembered that I wanted a parcel and that he stopped to give it to me...wouldn't happen anywhere else in the world... Burgenland, fantastic and fabulous.