Sunday, 14 January 2018

Woke Up To Snow.

A nice surprise indeed.

It is winter after all yet the last few weeks I thought it had moved on. Some of the buds were making a comeback, birds were rather confused as to when or where to head off to and the prospect of spring had planted itself on the forefront of our minds.

Snow fell all morning with a salvo of extremely larger flakes and that made the constant look outside easier. Checking to see if it was still snowing was better interpreted with this display of large flakes. Thankfully they have stopped and as there is a drip drip of melting happening outside on our roof, it portends warmer times ahead. Being snowed in wouldn't have been so great as there is a distinct lack of snack material about.

What is it about a cold day that makes us hungry from the minute we open our eyes? Biscuits morph into culinary sirens, bread doesn't last past breakfast and any hidden contraband tends to become the spoils of a treasure hunt. Funny how fast a marriage vow is forgotten...share and share alike means nothing when faced with a small treat.

Throughout the morning my mind spun circles and created fictional cakes of all types and sizes...only the certainty of it being devoured in one sitting held me back. Even now as I sit at the kitchen table a handful of bananas are in my line of sight. Making a banana bread now though, could be safe as it would coincide with supper and a slice or two might suffice.

In fact it might be a jolly good idea as Bob can take the leftovers to work and give his colleagues a taste of South African baking...that is if it turns out well!