Sunday, 28 January 2018

Taking Comfort In Our Habits.

A change was afoot.

Having habits gives life a structure or some might consider it as more of a stricture. Habits tend to make us predictable but is that such a bad thing? Bad habits are another topic all together but as I own one or two, less said the better.

Sundays usually translates to a nice long walk on the upper Weinberg mainly due to there being less traffic. Today being Sunday, I looked forward to my long walk even though I had to get ready with as little noise as possible.

Not even the coffee machine was switched on as Bob had worked the late shift ( he made sure fresh wine and spritzer glasses were on hand ) at the annual Eisenberg Fireman's ball and had only crawled into bed at four in the morning. Oh yes, he deserved his rest. Of course Mausi didn't see the point of him sleeping in and tried her might to scratch noisily on the doorpost.

Eventually I was on my way but seeing the heavy fog on the hill I changed course and walked my normal weekday route in reverse. Not me, the route! Not many were astir at eight in the morning due to the aforementioned ball although I did see a few cars heading for the tearoom for fresh rolls and newspapers.

When I was close to home, I noticed a dog and his owner in the far distance. It could only have been Ignatius due to the small size and his habit of zig-zagging his line constantly across his owner's path. By now he knows who I am and has forfeited his nagging bark but this morning his owner couldn't quite place me.

As I had changed my habitual walk, she mistook me for a local artist whose route I must have taken...a pair of glasses would do her the world of good because I have an idea which artist she mistook me for and by golly gosh, he normally dons those tight runner's leggings and has grey hair.