Saturday, 21 July 2018

A Delightfully Gentle Saturday.

Sunny as well.

There is just something so wonderful about waking up on a Saturday morning. A day one doesn't have to work. In the past Saturdays were spent manning the work desk and the only times I could sleep in late was on holiday. So, I love the new flexibility of Saturday mornings.

Sleeping in for us means five o'clock and that's great. My walk was later than usual but the only ones who noticed were the neighbourhood pets as everyone else took a leaf out of our schedule. Little Chekov down the road, a tomcat who's had his mobility infringed upon by having had the dreaded snip was trying manfully to climb a tree which wasn't that easy with his ever increasing girth. Gosh, the woeful look he gave me was priceless.

A donkey mostly heard and not often seen was braying a bit and of course the court of birds were awake and busy broadcasting various bits of news. My Saturday route was only intercepted by a few cars and one of the two other crazy all year round exercisers...the cyclist who does at least ten loops of the vineyard on his grown-up BMX.

When I came home Bob had brightened up to such an extent that he announced that our lawns were getting the chop. He with the brush cutter and I with the lawn mower. Being a girl I get the easy bit as my pleading to be shown how to use the brush cutter have so far fallen on deaf ears.

After lunch, we both settled down on our respective couches to read the first of our newly arrived books. ( The DHL delivery chap merely left the parcel on our front step as we were both out. Imagine what one could collect around the neighbourhood? ) Such a pleasure to sit and read, cat on lap and coffee at hand. Is there anything nicer than starting a new novel on a day where one doesn't have to stop reading? Ah, bliss.

To finish off our gentle Saturday we'll be heading out into the Deutsch Schützen vineyards for their annual Berg-Wein-Fest...a staple on the annual festival calendar.


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