Saturday, 28 July 2018

Mausi Has A Cold.

Chicken soup's on the menu!

The last few days she's been sneezing a lot albeit in a ladylike fashion. If she could hold a tissue she would and if some bachelor tomcat could see her, he'd ask her up like that. Our precious cat is just like that.

Nobody likes to have a cold least of all me. Red nose, feeling tired and miserable for us humans it can't be much different for a cat.

She's been rather quiet finding new napping places but when she crawled up on my lap at lunch time, I knew she felt poorly. Only mummy would do. That I was reading a book didn't interest her. As I couldn't see past her I laid the book aside to give her a much needed cuddle. Great foresight as her sneezes are rather tactile.

Seeing her mope about breaks my heart and if I knew she'd eat it, I would organize chicken soup for her. Bob gave her some honey which he cunningly rubbed on his finger and then rubbed the honey on her mouth. Nothing for it but for her to lick it of. Honey, nature's antibiotic. Let's hope it does the trick.

Mum thought it might be an allergy to grass-Mausi has been discovering the various green treats outside our front door even going so far as to stake out a slug. Don't worry, she never got the chance to pounce because I took her back inside. Under protest of course.

The food we give her is jolly expensive but I am under no illusion that it is anything but industrial muck with a better tasting sauce. Time to put her on a plant based diet too! Only kidding but you know, she loves way out food such as Knäckebrot, plain rice and savoury Hungarian tortillas...


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