Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Second Hand Clothes Are A Treasure Trove.

Don't underestimate the old.

I have always loved second hand clothes and we all know that vintage does last longer and looks often better. There are so many bonuses to do with second hand that mentioning the attractive price of it seems almost blase.

Walking is priceless in a small village. A chance to meet and greet, a chance to wave, a chance to be seen exercising and a chance to find out interesting tidbits of information. This morning was no different.

In passing it was mentioned that a mother-in-law had passed away and her house had been sold but now needed to be emptied. A woman of the war generation who had liked to collect every and anything. A lot of stuff needed to be sorted and tossed. Sad to think that one person collects a lifetime and the next throws it all away...

When the daughter-in-law told me that it was such a lot of work and she didn't really have spare time for it, I suggested to her the idea of getting someone in to help her. Well, that is when a gem of knowledge was given.

" I can't let anyone else do it. She had dementia and has hidden money and valuables in her clothing. "
Some of the old jerseys had already provided more than mothballs.

It used to be the mattress that was the financial fortress but it had become too obvious for thieves. Considering that the interest rate profits mainly the bank ( account fees trumping interest earned ) it is no wonder that the older generation reverts to the banking of yore. So next time you pass a second hand shop, go and shake a jersey or two...


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