Saturday, 7 July 2018

What A Cracker Of A Match.

England only two matches away...

Soccer, a game that makes grown men cry. Swedish spectators showed faces in agony and seeing a grown man dissolve into tears brings home just how feverish they follow the sport.

That fabulous England coach has set the new standard for coaches. His attire was magnificent and only reinforced what he stands for; character, manners and fair play. A breath of fresh air indeed and quite frankly, he could easily blend into the cast of Downton Abbey.

The atmosphere in the stadium was electric and once the fans started to sing God Save The Queen, I had goose bumps and thought of all those royal documentaries Bob and I watch. After all, a century or so ago, two cousins ( who could have passed for brothers ) ruled Russia and England.

I have to admit that I slept through all the other England matches but from what I saw today, it felt as if the team decided to play fair. No unneccessary theatrics, no devious kicks and no wasting time. Brilliant and I can't wait for the finals which I predict they'll win!

All the favourites have crashed out of the tournament but you know something, that makes it more fun to watch soccer again. Predictability for fans and players creates boredom and as we've seen, lethal mistakes.

Bob was cross as blazes for he had to leave ten minutes before the end of the game. The fire brigade has set training for six o'clock. At least there were no upsets in those final moments which after what we've seen so far, wasn't a given. An exciting week ahead...


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