Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Food For Thought.

Memories of yore.

For some odd reason conversation tends to mostly gravitate towards food at some point during it and then stick to it like overcooked porridge to the bottom of a pot. Once the meal has morphed from the nebulous to a concrete idea there is no end to a conversation and the imagined meal tastes so much better than the real one ever did .

Today I had the fortune of visiting a lady who is nigh on ninety ( don't want to ask but next time I must keep an eye out for the mayoral framed congratulations of an eventful birthday ) who still lives on her own managing very nicely indeed and apart from a hearing aide, is fit as a fiddle. Halfway into our visit the subject of food was broached.

Sauerkraut was one of the foods we talked about and as we did, her eyes glazed over and she looked over my left shoulder into her past until she shared her memories with me. It turns out that sauerkraut was a staple when she was a little girl and just like that, she reeled off the various meals her mum made for them.

From Monday to Sunday she remembered every part of each daily meal down to the bread on the side and or if she like a particular day's meal. Wednesday was pasta day and even though it played out over eighty years ago, it still felt like it could have been last week. Isn't that fantastic? My own childhood reflections upon food tends to gravitate towards Tuesday's Toast Hawaii
( melted cheese over a slice of toast with pineapple and tomato sauce on it...yum! ) and ice cream. Oh well, what can I say...

I asked Bob if and what meal plan he could remember from his early childhood and without much thought he happily reminisced about Thursday's cottage pie and Friday's beef or mutton curry . Isn't it great how most of us use food as a compass of sorts?

If I had to ask this lady about other bits of her life as a child I am certain she could recall everything down to the clothes she wore which goes to show how powerful our minds are. Once we understand and realize it, literally the sky is the limit...

You Think It, You Ink It.


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