Friday, 6 July 2018

A Typical Friday Afternoon In Eisenberg.

A hive of activity.

Fridays are kind to those employed in Austria as most get an early start to the weekend often leaving already after lunch. Tradesmen especially take off early on Fridays so good luck if you are in need of one. Not bad at all although at the moment there's talk of having 12 hour working days. Talk is mostly just that yet it has given many a bit of a pause.

Fridays see commuters come home for the weekend and today was no different. Roads are inundated with cars sporting Viennese number plates and thus driving with rather more pep and elan compared to us full time villagers.

I recently read a newspaper article mentioning that men living in our districts of Güssing and Oberwart ( Burgenland ) have the shortest life expectancy because of unhealthy eating and commuting weekly.

That last one was interesting as it wasn't so much the driving time but the fact that when the men come home for the weekend, there is no rest and recuperation from a heavy work week, on the contrary...the weekend is spent fixing stuff around the house starting with the lawns, chopping wood for winter and a trip to a Frühschoppen to keep abreast of local gossip. Not forgetting spending time with the kids. All well and good, but recharging one's batteries should be top of the list.

Summer season has started and we've had to drive slowly behind at least two pelotons of e-bikers. Summer season means people taking a long weekend in our vineyards and stocking up at Kainz's. Earlier, I stood behind a couple who obviously stocked up for just that. All the favourites mingled among an attempt to continue healthy habits. There's a long shelf full of the usual tempting suspects...chips, chocolate and biscuits counterbalanced nicely by canned lentils and delicious local wine.

Fridays are upbeat for all of us and as silly as it sounds, there is a happy vibe permeating about, at least until Sunday afternoon when most commute back to work.


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