Tuesday, 10 July 2018

An Early Start To The Day.

So much done before eleven...

As you might be aware, the Bobster and I get up at half past three every morning. Or at least, weekdays as he needs to leave home a bit after five. Don't worry, we go to bed earlier, in fact eat supper while the sun is still reigning on its zentith. One gets used to it and in fact, I love it. It means summer, it means waking up before the birds and it means a blissful peaceful morning spent sipping the first pressed coffee of the day.

After assembling Bob's lunch I tend to turn my attention to a few mundane, boring and not such fun domestic cleaning tasks before putting on my sneakers to head out for a long walk. Today I had planned to cut some of the non-conformist part of our hedge instead of walking and though it is not on my list of favourite outdoor chores, it needed to be put in line.

I stood on our front doorstep, having kissed Bob goodbye when he suddenly informed me that he needed the hedge sheers for work today. Oh darn! There went my well laid out plan only to be exchanged for a stint of reading ( yikes, what hardship ), perusing the odd comment on social media and of course taking Mausi outside for her walk. Gosh, that girl is as skittish as they come. Two ladies were Nordic walking with emphatic arm movements thus being heard before seen which gave our child such a fright that I had trouble keeping up with her bolt for home.

Having hung out a load of washing and eaten a nice breakfast made it seem rather late in the morning but when I glanced at the clock, eight hadn't been reached. Our new next door neighbour was just driving off to work. Yes, despite not seeing the car, one adjusts to the various revs of individual drivers. She's still young so that makes it much easier to distinguish her!

Starting the day so delightfully early gives me oodles of extra time and I wouldn't change it at all. That is until winter rears its cold head.


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