Monday, 23 July 2018

Country Life.

Flowers & animals.

A rose clothed in raindrops drew my attention on Sunday morning. Hoping that the people whose garden played host to this divine bunch of roses wouldn't be awake, seeing me infringe with my camera.
A few meters along I noticed a brood of chickens pecking up worms which the rainy weather had lured to the top.
A rather rare or should I say strange breed of chickens, as they have incredibly long legs. The way I captured this particular one reminds me of all those school teachers patrolling the halls.
An arrangement of flowers on the outskirts of Eisenberg.
When I came back from work this afternoon I couldn't help but chuckle at the ease and familiarity that our resident feral tomcat has made himself at home. Copying our Tiggi of course.
Tiggi our old faithful dares not leave her perch because both of the other feral cats have noticed how nice a perch it is...part of the family and so forth.
Again, a scene from the rose garden...rain gives a sparkle of its own.


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