Wednesday, 16 January 2019

A Present From My Husband.

Nice to be thought of, isn't it?

Some get flowers, some get chocolate and I get a loser lamp! Rather nice and slightly romantic as he bought one for himself as well. We can sport a partner look while out and about.

You might wonder what a loser lamp is...a better name for it would be a miner's lamp or a runner's headgear. Long ago, back in South Africa I used to walk at a quarter to five every morning, summer or winter. Yes, in winter the walk started off in the dark and thus my love of a shining headgear emerged.

Actually I have been looking for such a lamp for ages and have yet not been out for a walk before it has been properly light. One doesn't want to slip on an icy patch or a banana peel after all! Now the prospect of walking into a real sunrise beckons although, last night a strange noise was heard outside our window. If I didn't know any better I would have thought it was a hyena, but sanity prevailed and both of us thought it might be a fox.

Not long after Bob had given me my present he also mentioned having run into our neighbour on the way home and he in turn had told Bob about the strange sound and sights of last night. Apparently, a fox the size of a huge Alsatian was seen slinking through adjacent gardens and on the main road.

As much as I am hankering after an early morning walk, I think I will wait until the nocturnal forest dwellers have gone to bed before setting off. As for my striking disco-esque headgear, there are one or two wine events this year and the lamp might come in handy when all of us are teetering back home...


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