Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Divine Snow Makes An Encore Appearance.

Snow on alternate days...

Let's start off properly with this morning's awesome sunrise. Worth while fighting the slippery slope of a snowed over forest lane...
As I turned the corner further on, I was met with this delightful image lit by the burgeoning sun. The air had that tantalizing crispness which kept the rosiness on my cheeks.
The road was as treacherous as it was beautiful. Each step was accompanied by the crackling sound of fresh snow being trod upon.
Winter makes everything more alive, even the simple display of shadow and sunlight.
Clearly one can see which way the wind was blowing...A set of bare trees cloaked in a silhouette of white.
A marvelous display of basic wintry conditions, those that lend themselves for exercising and absorbing the seasonal beauty.


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