Thursday, 3 January 2019

Vegan In Burgenland.

Making new discoveries daily.

The other day when we were in Oberwart I couldn't believe the change in products at one of the local supermarkets. Whereas last March when we started on our vegan journey we had to look closely at labels and packaging, now a mere eight months later, a plethora of vegan products are piled high on shelves. Not even hidden in dark corners, no, the yellow vegan label is the first thing one notices when perusing the shelves for noodles and co.

A bit ironic when I consider the much loved and ubiquitous Wiener Schnitzel being foremost on any menu and fork. A proverbial Schnitzel Mafia which only recently I was a happy member of. Even our local Buschenschanks are starting to cater for us vegans and if not, they don't mind organizing a meal suitable for me. Without pulling faces or rolling eyeballs.

Every month we get an Oberwart magazine -Prima - delivered to our postbox and a few months ago I noticed a tiny column written by a vegan nutritionist living and working in Oberwart.

Vegan going ' mainstream ' in our neck of the woods. Yeah! Well, this afternoon I read the latest issue and I was thrilled to notice that now a whole page has been taken over for vegan articles, tips and recipes. Absolutely love that and it is an affirmation of a wonderful way of life. A healthy powerhouse.

Schnitzel and co will always be on the menu but I have a feeling that more and more folks are discovering veganism if only a step at a time or now and again. One of my friends when I told her about our change to veganism, wasn't concerned about it but only about where we would get our food...

" Oh my god, where will you find vegan products in the hinterlands of Burgenland? "
...well, how wrong was she!!


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