Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Thank God For Bob.

What a torrid New Year's Eve.

Already concerned about the sheer childishness of fellow villagers, we decided to only venture forth from five in the afternoon until seven. Two hours where we left our kitty at home alone. A mere cat you might say, but after experiencing her plight last night, I can only say that animals feel the same as we do.

Some idiots already let off firecrackers in the afternoon and they came across as dull thuds. Most afternoon our Mausi had dashed around our house like a cat pursued. With a slightly heavy heart we left her alone for those two hours and then returned.

Not quite knowing how she had reacted to the numerous early fireworks, we picked her up and cuddled her to no end which is where she was when at half past seven our one neighbour let off a volley of shots. Gosh, they sounded like rockets directly over our house. Scary for us but what wrung my heart was the way it affected our cat. Her heart ( I was holding her at the time ) went from docile to almost bursting out of her chest. She wriggled out of my arms and hid behind the sofa.

When that idiot stopped, it took ten minutes for her to come out from her hiding place but how could we have told her that much more torture was in store for her. Almost every hour loud bangs reverberated through the walls culminating in a mighty crescendo at midnight. We couldn't do anything other than be there for our cat.

Last night she sought refuge from the bad sounds by nestling up to Bob. She slept in the crux of his elbow most of the night and when he shifted position she followed suit, never once leaving his side. Today she is still trying to return to normal behaviour, exhausted beyond words and a bit less trusting of the world.

Tigger outside is thankfully quite deaf but still she cowered in fright with each and every bang. I wish those who delight in firing off these utterly useless firecrackers could feel how much their actions hurt animals. I can't even comprehend the plight felt by the deer, feral cats, dogs and chickens of our village.


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