Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Could This Have Been A Ghost ?

Our own, courteous and friendly ghost ?

Sunday night was a memorable one, in fact so much so, that it resonates often in my thoughts. Actually who wouldn't think about it...

Warning : Those family and friends who are visiting us often, maybe skip to tomorrows blog post !

For some reason, I suddenly woke up in the dead of night. The light on my side table was still on and those of you, who are avid readers can relate to it. Falling asleep while reading is kind of normal. Anyway, I sat up quickly, as only those who wake up suddenly do.

Of course, Bob ( or rather Grumpy, as he has a different personality when woken up ) sat up because of me and moaned ," Why did you wake me up ? ". Okay, those things happen and still nothing unusual. But while we were sitting up in bed, the room light suddenly switched on ! Imagine, while we were discussing, who awoke whom, the light switched on. A light, that can only be switched on with a switch that is located at the door...a mile away from our bed !

Oh yeah, freaky. Extremely freaky. Bob still had not woken up properly and asked me why I had switched on the light ? " Bob, that was not me. I am right next to you." In fright, I got up ( stupidly ) and went through every room and switched lights on and off. What did I expect ? A ghost standing near one, switching them on as I switched them off, to assure me he was real and there ?

Rather scared, I went back to bed, feeling safer next to Bob. In a way, I hoped that Bob would stay up with me, hold my hand and talk nonsense, to make me forget. One of the pluses of being married...I thought ! No, Grumpy just said ," Switch off the light, I can't sleep ".

Well, I tried for about 5 minutes and gave up, migrating to the lounge and safety of the TV. Murphy's Law, all that any of the various channels showed, were slasher and horror movies ! But somehow, I made it through the rest of the night.

In the morning, Bob didn't believe me, heck, he hardly remembered it happening.
So, we seem to have our own ghost. A rather friendly or possibly lonely one. Maybe it wanted company ? It will take me a few days to get used to sleeping in darkness again, though !!!!

Have you seen Ghosts ?


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