Sunday, 30 December 2012

Life Before Internet...Of Any Sorts !

Did you, would you or could you have lived it ?

A chance remark on Facebook, made me wonder. Obviously the under 25 crowd, thinks I am from that place, what do they call it...oh yes, the Stone Ages !

Oh, I love using it too but somehow the memory of life before Internet lingers in the back of my mind. Who can remember back this far ?

  • Going to the movies, would involve reading the actual Newspaper to see what was showing.
  • We had no computers at School or University and thus had to look up ' stuff ' manually, by actually reading a book or two in the Library ( Google was still a twinkle in the stars...).
  • Getting hold of your friends was done by a normal Land Line telephone or by cycling over to their house.
  • After School we actually played outside or read books...remember no
    computer games yet !
  • Writing physical letters, Birthday Cards and Thank You cards was the thing to do.
  • No GPS, so road trips were undertaken by reading and using an actual map, which sometimes could cause marital tension.
  • You got your weather forecast from the TV or Newspaper.
  • Banking was still done manually. You would take your savings book and the Teller would write manually in it. ATM's are also a fairly new invention.
  • Listening to your tapes or LP's. The iPod, was again an invention far far off. In fact, I think the early version of the iPod could have been the ' boom-box ', which was cool back then.

There are so many other items that could go on this list, I think ? But anyway, a nice little blast from the past !

P/S :

When I asked Bob, who is four years younger than me, if he could think of more points, he committed a terrible ( not quite fatal ) error, when he told me,
" Remember, I grew up in a different era from you. " cheeky !