Monday, 17 December 2012

Remember The Excitement You Had About Christmas, When You Were Young...

A timely reminder for myself !

On Saturday, I was shooting the breeze with my young nephew. Due to the fact that our family is tri-continental, it was unfortunately via Skype. Regardless, we had a chat. Being only five and cute as a button, didn't stop him from wielding the iPad like a seasoned adult.

He made sure that I would get a prime viewing slot, while he showed me a few of his favourite toys. Unbelievable ( well not really, as he is a sharp cookie ) how he always got his whole head into the screen. Even at my age, I still have to adjust the camera, or move the chair somewhat in order to have my whole head on the screen... each time I Skype ! Don't let me get started on how well he plays Angry Birds ( Angry Bird Star Wars ). In fact he patiently taught me, a really old adult ( in his eyes ), how to play it and on an iPhone. That was last year, when he was still a young four...

So, here we were, having a chat albeit a short one as he was going over to his friends house. We, of course, covered the important topics in that short and toys. While he was telling me about something, he suddenly stopped and said to me,
" Nine more days, Auntie Birgit ". Being an adult, I didn't catch on and stupidly still had to ask,
" What is happening in nine days ? " Well, ask a stupid question....
" It's ( he has a slight Danish-English accent and ' its's ' sounded so cute ) Christmas in
nine day !!"

When did this happen to me. I mean, when did I forget that wonderful and unbearably exciting feeling of counting down the sleeps until Christmas ? Thinking about it now, brings back those fantastic memories. How great were those last few weeks before Christmas, you know, when as a family we did more " Christsmassy " things. Baking cookies, decorating the Christmas tree and singing holiday songs.

Who still remembers rushing to the window each morning to check if it had snowed ? I somewhat recall the few times, that I would sneak up to our Christmas tree ( we still had chocolate dangling bits as decoration ) and pilfer an ornament. That only got noticeable after I had picked of all the ones on the back of the tree and thus I had to risk the front ornaments !

Talking to my nephew was a necessary and timely reminder, about what is important in this last week before Christmas. Well, Sam, " Thank You ".


Snow in the Weinberg.