Saturday, 29 December 2012

The First Shopping Day After Christmas...

Must be a nightmare for shop assistants !

For some reason and without thinking, we went to town on that day. Stupid really, as it was an even greater crush than the days leading up to Christmas.

It seems that it has been deemed acceptable to exchange the gifts you receive.
Society at large ( when you turn on the News, it shows horrific scenes at shops everywhere ) descends on the shops to return their gifts. There is nothing wrong with the gifts, except that most people want something else !

Look, a few gifts do need to be changed. A diamond ring too small, a dress to big or a shoe to tight. But to exchange the rest, is just a sign of " Blasé " and not a good reflection on our society. When did we stop being grateful to what we get given ? Are we so saturated with things, that anything new is no longer exciting ?

A lot of thought is put into buying most of the gifts. Yet clearly, not enough, if the gift gets returned the next day...Have we just become to critical ? If you don't like the colour of a clothing item, either donate it to someone who needs it and won't question the choice of colour or wear it ! It might just turn out to suit you.

As for the harassed shop assistants, they must have heard every excuse in the book. I wonder if some folk are honest and just tell them, that they don't like this gift ?

Maybe the answer is to only give money or Gift Vouchers, as presents ? Money of course, will be used ASAP, but Gift Vouchers apparently not. In some countries, you can redeem a voucher a few years down the road ! Clearly another sign of " Blasé ".

When the Universe sends you anything as a gift, rejoice and be grateful for it. Putting it into a drawer to gather dust, or running to the shop to exchange it, does not send good signals to the Universe...In fact, it might be a long time before it sends you anything else !