Monday, 24 December 2012

Today Is Christmas !

Christmas Eve, for us here in Burgenland

Somehow, there are two different times to celebrate Christmas. I am not sure how that was decided, but I think of Christmas on Christmas Eve ( 24th ). Yet a lot of people all over the world celebrate it on the morning of Christmas Day ( 25th )

Every family has its own traditions and customs on the day. Regardless though, it is a time where everyone feels more cheerful, caring and giving.

Here are a few points that I think go hand in hand with Christmas :

  • Cooking a feast is normal, with usually a happy yet frazzled Mom, when it is on the table.
  • The last few days before, become a time of hectic shopping, in order to get all of the items on the wish list.
  • Wonderful, romantic and " Schmalzy " movies are on most TV channels...' yeah '.
  • Christmas and Christmas Day, are about the only days in the year, that your children willing jump out of bed and at the crack of dawn !
  • Sounds of paper being speedily torn off presents drown out the background Christmas Carols ( all that tedious wrapping seems a waste ).
  • Cries of joy or now & again cries of disappointment fill the air.
  • Walking on crunching snow to attend Midnight Mass, while wearing a few of the presents.
  • Eating so much of the delicious food, that halfway into the evening ( or day ) you change into more forgiving attire. Of course, dieting is strictly forbidden at this time of the year !
  • The most important of course, is the fact that families come together and have a good time...

How do you celebrate Christmas and when ? What is your signature dish for Christmas ? Let me know...