Friday, 21 December 2012

Pictures Of Our Friends Visiting..

It was like a Christmas Present for us.

Emigrating or Immigrating takes a lot of courage and good cheer. One of the main things that happens, is that you leave your family and friends behind.

Wonderfully for us, a few of our friends ( and family of course ) have taken the time, effort and money to come and see where we live...even twice. Bob and I are so chuffed knowing that they like us and our corner of Burgenland enough to visit more than once ! Here are a few moments captured on camera of the last visit...

Ok, this is Bob, a very proud Bob, with his first
bottle of " self-made " Schnapps using peaches
from our garden.

Having a bite to eat with our friends from South Africa.

Our friends from London ( via S.A. and New Zealand ) together with the S.A. ones...Great breakfast !

Can you tell that he is originally from South Africa ? Jeezalou, put on some shoes...!

Well, at least he is trying to warm up his feet....but really, barefoot in the snow ? That sounds like one of those fables my parents used to tell me...

Just to finish it up, a picture taken from our bedroom, showing the morning arrive, and snow with it...