Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What A Husband !

Do you sometimes compare your spouse to others ?

These last two weeks we have had four good friends staying with us. Two couples, and not at the same time. It is only when people stay overnight, that you get a glimpse of their daily routine.

Out of all of us, I was always the first to get up, even sometimes beating the chickens, or rather the rooster next door. Habit, routine or just genetic predisposition, regardless of what time I fall asleep, I normally wake up at the crack of dawn. So sitting in the lounge, I got to observe the different " waking up " patterns. Granted they were all on holiday.

Routine being so ingrained, I witnessed an interesting thing. The men got up before their ladies
( and by quite some time ), said their 'Good Mornings ' and headed for the kitchen, to get a cup of coffee....and brought it to their ladies bedside ! Coffee in bed, what a novelty.

Jokingly I pointed this out to Bob. His response was, " There is no way that I will get up earlier than you, to make you coffee. Forget it ". Good point and to be fair, I am too fussy with how I like my coffee, anyway. Though I hope, that both of my friends appreciate getting coffee brought to their bed.

The other day, when the chips were really down, Bob ( my treasure ) was there ! It being winter and cold, I had a few days of not feeling so great. Bob made me copious cups of tea and even made me my favourite soup. You know, the soup that my mum always used to make me, when I wasn't feeling well. When he asked me what I wanted, I just croaked out the name of the soup, and dozed off again.

Bob then phoned my Mum and asked her how to make this ' get well ' soup. My Mum, apparently, was so taken by the fact that Bob would make this soup for me ( in my time of need...where are the violins ? ), that I think Bob scored a million Brownie points as a son-in-law, and a gazillion as a husband !

It just goes to show, that every husband / partner, has his own individual strong points and as the saying goes : You can't compare apples and oranges...
As a matter of interest, how many of you get coffee brought to you in bed ?


Apart from looking after me when I am not well, he takes out the rubbish...read this funny blog story.