Thursday, 2 August 2012

Peculiar sight in Eisenberg !

How Funny.

We have a very organized, ecologically sound and strict rubbish collection system. Once a year we get issued a piece of paper, which tells us on what days the various bins get collected. We have to separate paper, plastics, glass and one bin is just for the left overs ( ie. stuff you can't slot in anywhere else ). Each type of bin is more or less fetched once every six weeks.

It has been very hot this summer so you can imagine the state of the " left overs " bin. Yesterday was it's day...only, we overslept so I did not go for my walk. This is how I usually know it is rubbish day,as all the neighbours have their bins out.
At about eight, while in the bathroom, I heard the distinctive sound of the rubbish truck stopping and loading. Oh darn !

" Gosh Bob, we are in for it now, we forgot to put the bin out. " Already my mind raced through the various scenarios: driving our rubbish to the dump, or taking it to a different village on their collection day or just having to have it in our yard for another month ! Yuk !

While contemplating the stupidity of having forgotten, I heard Bob opening our gate and wheeling out the bin. Going outside to tell him that it's to late, I saw my wonderful husband, in hastily thrown on clothes ( T-shirt inside out ) running down the road with the bin in tow...
He did a hundred meter dash in record time, and I had to take this picture on his way back.

Yes, he caught the truck...isn't he the best !


The victorious return.