Monday, 31 December 2012

Peculiar Tastes In Food.

Do you have any ?

In a way it is appropriate to share the different food combinations on New Year's Eve. Tonight all over the world, lots of bubbly will be flowing and tomorrow morning a lot of people will make their own special food concoction, you know, to feel better !

This weird food combining used to be reserved for pregnant women. Nobody raised an eyelid when sandwiches were made with peanut butter and sardines. Well, we maybe shuddered a bit but, we thought, ' its the hormones that made her eat this '.

Well, it turns out that men have just as many strange and peculiar tastes in food, as we have. If not more ! Men are not so worried about convention...they just put foods together ( maybe because that is all they have in the fridge at the time ) and suddenly love that newly discovered flavour.

In fact, they try and make their friends and family love it just as much, in their
own little episode of ' Fear Factor '. At least that is what it feels like to the ones having to try all this out !

Here is Bob's favourite food combination:

  • Tomato soup ( from a can or packet ) and a sandwich made with white bread and liberal amounts of smooth peanut butter. Of course Bob eats all this a special way...he dips the peanut butter sandwich into the hot tomato soup, one bite at a time !

When he eats this, you can almost hear him purring with pleasure. Luckily for me, peanut butter is rather rare here in Burgenland. Why lucky ? Well, as peanut butter is such a precious commodity in our household, Bob does not really want to share any of it with me ! Oh drat...


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