Thursday, 27 December 2012

Watching Home Videos On Christmas Eve.

Going back in time...

Years ago, I never could understand this constant need for everything to be filmed. You know those ordinary things that people do. Having a family meal, holidays and Birthdays. Who would ever want to see it again ?

Well, now of course a whole business empire has been founded on those harmless & innocuous home videos. Some folk are earning a bundle, showing the silly everyday stuff to YouTube. I must admit, that yours truly has asked a friend on the in's and out's of making a video with my camera. So in fact, I am armed, ready and most likely a menace to friends and family !

This Christmas Eve, I was privileged ( and I mean that ) to see home movies showing the normal stuff, that was at times my Oma's routine. Making her famous potato salad or just moving around the room, straightening up pictures and ornaments, that were more than straight already.

Home videos can make you recapture times, that you were not part of. I know, that I missed all those family occasions for 30 years of my life. When I sat there, watching these movies, it somehow made me a part of those occasions. Thank Goodness, Albert had the foresight to film some of those family functions !

Of course it's often funny to see how everyone looked and dressed five, ten or more years ago. A bit of a laugh and the quickly wiped away tear are all part of it.
At the end, Albert showed some video footage of Christmas nearly twenty years ago.

Bob almost keeled over ( hopefully in laughter and not in fright ) when he saw me handing out presents. Of course it wasn't easy for me to see myself on screen either. Bob, in between his spurts of laughter managed to utter several phrases : " You should show this on YouTube "
and " I've got blackmail material against Kyle, Leno, Dijan, Carlo and Jaden ".

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