Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Day After December 21, 2012

Friday is the start of the Good Times !

The doomsday planners are most likely either having their last treat, spending a night in the South African Drakensberg or doing both. I would love to know, if they have been selling up, these last few month and using the proceeds to have an ball...resigning, travelling, ditching the diet and spending all their dosh ?

Now I, believe just the opposite from the doomsayers. For me, after this December 21st, the good times arrive. All the horrible stuff that some, all or a few have been through, will stop. Collectively the world will be a more positive place and thus result in most of us having a more positive life experience.

I am sure that we all have often heard the expression, " It's always darkest before dawn " of my favourites by the way. Well I think, that from Saturday the dawn is here. A few of you will label me as a ' Pollyanna ', but deep down you wonder and hope that I am right.

When you think, you ink. Thought moves mountains and all that collective positive group think around the world, will actually result in a lot of those positive thoughts becoming reality.

At least, that is my take on life. But in the meantime, all the hotels, timeshares and campgrounds in the Drakensberg have started their good times already. They must have been booked out for months, after people watched the movie " 2012 "


Yippee...the start of even better times ahead !