Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Sleeping The Night After A Possible Ghost Encounter !

Testing your limits...

As you know, we had a ghost-like happening the other night. Now, it could have been imagination, faulty wiring or really a touch of the real McCoy...a ghost. Of course, in our house it would only be a friendly one !

Posting the story yesterday, launched a few family discussions covering a lot of bases. Mainly, that I might have overreacted but also a funny one, that had my brother-in-law play me the opening bars of Ghostbusters about a blast from the past !
Gosh, can you remember all the dancing we did to that song, in that antique entity
called a " Disco " ?

It was super getting all these reactions yet somehow it put all those thoughts into my mind again
( I know, I wrote about it, so it is my fault really ). Of course the real test was still up ahead. Was I strong enough to put all those ' ghostly ' thoughts out of my mind, when it came to bedtime ?
Oh yeah, that was, excuse the pun, a " biggi ".

All evening, I tried to entice Bob to stay up late with me, by making sure we only watched his favourite programs on the telly. Somehow I hoped that he would pull an All Nighter with me...but as you might have guessed after his reaction on the ' ghost ' night, he went to bed his usual time. Suddenly a conundrum was thrown at me. Should I stay ( alone ) and watch TV all night, or should I go to our bedroom ( the room where it all happens...) with Bob ?

As they say, when you fall off a horse, get straight back on to it. So when you have a ghostly experience, go back to it. Mind over matter. I might as well bite the bullet and sleep there. Which I did.

It was a bit fitful, with dreams of lights turning on but on the whole it was doable. We often are afraid to do something because we think it is scary. Yet if we just go straight ahead, be it a ghost, business meeting or dreaded first date, things usually turn out for the best.

But just to put your mind at rest, should any other ' ghostly ' meeting occur, I will straight away pen a little story about it. Please, if you have had your own ghostly encounters, write and let me know.