Saturday, 22 December 2012

Trying To Catch Mice Inside The House.

One of the joys of country living !

The other evening, while sitting around the dinner table with all of our friends,
Bob suddenly shouted ," Oh, there goes a mouse ". We've had this problem a while ago and I thought it was sorted out.

While I felt horribly embarrassed, ( because, let's face it, having mice in our house sounds and is just so bad ) our friends wondered if they along with Bob, had a touch too much vino. Of course it only took me a nano second to lift my legs off the floor ! ...So, once again, the mouse hunt began.

There are surely a lot of people out there, who think that it is inhumane to ' hunt ' mice and kill them. But bear in mind, that mice do have ' fun ' and usually reproduce at an alarming rate. At the moment it might just be a mouse or two, but if left alone, we could walk into a room that is crowded out by these little creatures. So please don't judge to harshly !

But now for the hard part. It is not easy to catch these little speedsters. As small as they are, they are thoroughbred racers. We decided to use the manual traps, that everyone says work best. You dangle a piece of ham or cheese and hope it works.

It sounds easy, but the little fellows are clever enough to just pull the food off without setting off the trap. It is true, I watched one do it ! In fact some of the mice in our house have grown in girth and seem to be laughing at our attempts, yet nibbling up all the ham & cheese !

The other night, while sleeping in front of the TV ( eternal insomniac ) I caught three mice using the trap. Just to make sure that there were no more, I set the trap again. When I looked in the morning, the bait was gone, but no mouse...

It seems, by the number of mice, that some of them have been doing the Mattress Tango.... If only our cat Tigger wasn't so shy and feral, we could leave her inside the house for a night or two ! But of course we feed her like mad and she is looking decidedly hefty, in fact so hefty that I cannot see her running after those little speeding bullets !


Sometimes the cheese works yet often a piece of ham is preferred.( After researching online, I think we will use one of those above, humane, traps in the future ).