Tuesday, 1 January 2013

First Of January 2013...The Good Times Are Here.

Great to be in Burgenland.

This is already our second New Year in Burgenland and it is extremely apt when they say : " Time flies when you are having fun ". Shamefully, I have to admit that Bob and I were asleep before midnight, but we semi-awoke for the fireworks, of which there were plenty, even in our small village.

Right now, there must be millions of ' New Year's ' resolutions being made. A few of those have most likely already been broken and the others not too far off. Extreme pressure to have and follow a resolution, which multiplies by a vast amount, if we stupidly announce the resolution in public !

Well, I for one, have not made one. It is my firm belief that from now on the Good Times are here. Not just here in Burgenland but all over the World. This year is the start of it. For some, it will still take a bit of time, but better times are on the way !

It is now time for all of us to be happy and embrace life. Instead of trying to change one little ' negative ' thing, celebrate all the good and positive things you have.

Eat what you like without feeling guilty. Remember that the majority of men love a woman with lots of curves and only a very small amount of men like the idea of a " Supermodel " body .

Languish on the couch all day ( nursing the hangover ) in your Pyjamas, read your favourite novel or watch a great movie ( Bridget Jones's Diary (Collector's Edition) )...The point is to just BE and do away with the guilt !

Dear readers, Happy New Year to you all of you.


The great & exciting road ahead...