Friday, 25 January 2013

Walking On Thin Ice...

Slip-sliding across the lanes of Burgenland.

A lot of Villagers are saying, that this winter the snow is way above the norm. Coupled with sub-zero temperatures, it makes for interesting times. Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere hot-spots of Australia and South Africa, with above 40 degrees, might think of this as Nirvana !

Even in this weather, I try to keep up with my morning walk. Checking for weather conditions usually involves looking out the window and possible holding a finger out the window ( isn't that how they did it in the old black and white movies ? ), as it is too cold to just nip outside in your pyjamas.

Somehow it always looks great from the window. The village council has strewn little stone pebbles over most of the lanes. Definitely an interesting sensations under your feet but a welcome one in the winter.

Yesterday I had walked about a kilometer, when the road became really treacherous. The moisture from the day / night before had frozen around the pebbles. Even with them, it was smooth as an ice-rink. Ever the optimist, I ventured on, thinking that it would improve further on. Well, it didn't and at that stage it was stupid to turn around as it would have been the same forward or backward.

My walk took almost double time. Every step had to be slow. Too much forward speed coupled with the weight, caused a frightening slide, where the second foot would have the same dilemma...a split situation ! A wonky stroll / crawl ensued, where I had to look for the areas in the lane with the most pebbles and the least amount of ice.

Almost comical and definitely a YouTube event. Naturally, there had to be a car parked in the vineyards. Hearing conversation, I tried to be nonchalant while walking past. Looking up to greet was out of the question, as I had to watch every step. Somehow I did a little slip and fall in front of them...

This icy adventure had one good thing. It forced me to watch every step. It made me be in the moment. Not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. I only thought about each and every step at all times. Rather liberating.

When I finally got home and told Bob of my extreme adventure walk, all he said was : " Why didn't you just turn around ? "...


My " old man " and the snow ! Winter is great, except for walking on ice.