Sunday, 20 January 2013

Having A Loo With A View...One Drawback !

A view tends to be a two way affair...

Usually when it gets close to sundown(er) time, we go and lock our gate. Purely an aesthetic function, as it is easy to climb over. Years of conditioning have done their trick. The gates must be locked and only now am I used to the freedom of not having burglar guards on all the windows and doors.

Yesterday at about five pm, I went to the bathroom with, eh, intent. As we have a huge window onto the lane, Bob tends to always have half the curtain drawn, you know the half that eh..obstructs his equipment from possible passer-by's. Naturally I have never seen the point. We have so little passer-by's and surely it would not be noticeable from the lane !

When you do something hundreds of times, you are set on automatic pilot. I switched on the light, went into the bathroom and was almost in the process of pulling down my pants, when I saw two men walking past, looking in and waving. Oh dear, talk about ALMOST being caught with your pants down ! A touch embarrassing.

Obviously they wanted to talk to me. I went to the window, opened it while trying to appear nonchalant ! Straight off, I had recognized the local volunteer fire brigade uniform. " Hello, we tried to come through your gate, but you have locked it up like Fort Knox ", was the first thing he said followed by, " We are here to give you a ticket for the local " Firemen's Ball " and to collect donations."

Everyone here is a neighbour, but I had not seen him before. It could have been a comedy classic. We were chatting over the windowsill and through the open window. He must have been aware of the shower, but hopefully not of the toilet and its implications.

Quick as a flash I ran into the bedroom to fetch my offerings and when I got back to the waiting firemen ( leaning into my bathroom ), talking non-stop was all I could do to not burst out laughing. After a minute they left, and I had all the possible ensuing pub stories ( with the bathroom and me in the leading role ) running through my mind.

From now on, I will make sure both curtains are drawn...!

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Just to show you the lay-out. This picture was taken in spring with another blog story . Yesterdays event was punctuated with the crunching of snow.