Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Positive Feeling From Davos .

The economic corner seems to have turned.

Often watching the business channels, you can actually feel yourself being herded with the masses. You know, the news one gets told is in a way selective and leaves me sometimes wondering who decides what to report and what not.

This past week, there were an enormous amount of interviews from Davos. The business, economic and political elite were the ones giving their opinions. Because of their stature, they told it like it is...! Refreshing, honest and educational. What most of them had in common, was the idea, thought or knowledge that as a whole ( of course there are still some areas who haven't ), we have turned the corner.

Wow, isn't that a great feeling. I for one, picture it like a whole lot of domino pieces lined up around the world waiting to do their thing and be useful. The ignition has been absent, but I think that the first lot of ignition pieces have now done their duty and fallen onto the next one. Yes, the momentum has started.

There is an ocean ( I love picturing it like that ) of cash waiting to be used. From buying equipment, making more stock, buying houses or just...buying. Can you imagine, how many jobs will be resurrected or even created by this ? Naturally not everyone will benefit, but the dominoes of growth and positivity are tipping forward and spreading around the world.

More than likely there will be a buying frenzy with some of that money. Stock markets should gain in value, even though some are already rather high. Of course the real mavericks of power have already done their purchasing ahead of the crowd. Regardless, that spending will have an impact on the economies as a whole and hopefully the ensuing " positive " feeling will shift us collectively into a good place.

P/S : This is just my opinion and NOT a prediction...

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