Friday, 18 January 2013

Weight - Lifting !

Our new winter outdoors fun...with snowflakes.

When you see them individually they look romantic, interesting and jolly nice ! Collectively they are still ( to my mind ) a scene of romance and comfort but they have one extra attribute...they are heavy.

Our part of Austria got another special blessing from the celestial snow-department which in fact made sure that it snowed almost continuously for a whole day. Every time you glanced out the window, you could see the flakes landing on each other. Almost fitting as a movie backdrop !

As there was still snow on the ground, this new lot really reached vast heights. So, armed with a shovel, gumboots and extra warm clothing, the fun began. Ek Mt Hly Tall Dck 18693 Damen Snowboots

Seeing this blanket of snow did not even give us two " Newbies " a clue as to what extreme effort we had to use. Secretely I thought it would be a piece of cake, shifting this lot of snow. In fact I jauntily told Bob not to worry, as I could do it easily on my own. Ha, little did I know !

Who knew that those little snowflakes could be so heavy. Jeez-a-lou, after the first few shovels my back seized up along with a lot of muscles. Add insult to injury, my fingers were icicles inside my gloves. That was only after a few minutes ! But I thought, lets me do as much as I can.

Luckily for me, our lounge window overlooks the driveway, and Bob watching me couldn't help to sort of tell me where to shovel more being men.
Me being me, I thought here is a perfect opportunity for not appearing a weakling : " If you think you can do it better, be my guest. I'll leave you the shovel ! "

As I said, snow looks really light, and Bob fell for my fact he was outside in a flash, taking the shovel from me. It did not take him long, to realize what he let himself in for....'s Skills 100% Waterproof Winter Snow Walking Boots Zip Black

In the end, we both did one groove ( for the tyres ) each and fought over the middle hump. At least we both got an extreme good workout.


If you look closely you can see the fruits of our labour at the top of the picture...two grooves !

I was going for the famous " Angelina " pose...need a dress for it, of course !

Doesn't this look so romantic ?