Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Over 40 And Trying To Keep Up With Technology...

Or rather, trying to learn how to use it !

Look, I am rather fond of my age ( even though I grumble to Bob at times ) and the knowledge I have collected through life experiences. One area though, leaves me feeling a range of emotions. Technology.

Technology can make me feel fantastic, those moments when I understand it ( eg. when nephew Sam, at the age of 4, patiently and kindly showed me the way into the realm of Angry Bird ), or like an idiot, when I ( for example ) don't know even how to send a business card on my phone. Obviously it is a simple procedure, or so the ' youngster ' showing you says !

That, I think, is half the problem. You know, feeling stupid because you don't understand it the first time it is explained to you. Of course, it does not help that the sales assistants in, lets say a shop that exclusively sells Cell Phones, is young enough to be your child.

It's not fair. Of course they know it all ( only technology ), as they have almost had a Cell phone put into their crib. Unfortunately they don't understand how someone could not know it all ! Either their eyes glaze over before they roll them back in apathy or they heave a great sigh of irritation, when you ask them the same question twice...

Bottom line, it is a daunting expedition when you need to go and find out about how to use even a simple technology product. So daunting, that you would actually rather not have it in the first place.

Why are there not more over 40's helping out, showing us how to use a Mobile Phone,
Smart Phone ( do you need to be smart to use it ), a computerized Flat Screen TV or your child's / grandchild's X-Box 360 ? Imagine having something explained to you with empathy and patience by someone sporting a bit of grey on their hairline.

That could really cause a stampede from us " over 40's ", going to buy all this wonderful and exciting " futuristic " stuff. We are the generation, who first saw and wanted a Mobile phone, when we watched the original " " Star Trek "...can you ever forget the line : " Beam me up, Scotty " ?

A few of you reading this, will snicker and laugh at my ignorance, but I am certain that there are hoards of you, who are not sure how to use all those devices you own. Be brave and post me a comment. One that shows me that I am not the only one, who is in awe of this new technology.. : Star Trek: The Complete Original Series (Seasons 1-3) : Angry Birds Star Wars (PC DVD)