Thursday, 24 January 2013

Vienna...Only A " Stone's Throw " Away From Us !

Südburgenland to vienna...suprisingly close.

It is just perfect, our piece of heaven here in Burgenland. The small village feel, the sense of community and the wonderful peace and quiet are all there yet it has a little safety net of a major city near by.

I say near by, even though it takes us two hours by car. That is two hours driving the law abiding and clever way. Driving as if your foot has been glued to the gas pedal might be an impressive feature in your twenties, but the real clever ones have figured out that fuel consumption at a speed of 110 kph is much lower. Naturally the ever present " Big Highway Brother " can't send you costly tickets either. Win / Win.

We did a quick round trip to Vienna Airport yesterday morning, to drop off precious family. For Bob and I, it was rather an adventure that we looked forward to ( I admit we don't get out that much ). What made it even more exciting was the early pre - dawn departure. For some reason, a trip always seem vastly more exciting if it starts in the dark !

The two hours it took for us to get to Vienna seemed a long time to us, yet I am willing to bet that there are a lot of people in the world who live in a major city and have a similar daily commute time to work. Luckily for me, Bob did the driving. That saved me from having to circumvent the, at times, irrational and mostly impatient morning work traffic. At one point I did see Bob do a silent salute to a driver that irritated him.

Driving to Vienna yesterday reminded us of the fact, that we live so close to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. One that has heaps of history, castles galore and a charming, welcoming European feel to it.

Future weekend trips will certainly feature for us. Ones where we can go to the Vienna State Opera, have Sacher Torte at the famous Sacher Hotel or just do normal things... like making use of the vast amount of shops that are on offer... !


On the way back to Burgenland. Isn't it a great landscape right next to the highway ?

At about 9 am...sorry I forgot to take pictures when driving to Vienna.