Tuesday, 22 January 2013

When You Get To The Last Page Of A Novel.

Doesn't it Feel as if you are saying goodbye to a friend?

Reading is one of the greatest pastimes in life. Isn't it almost the same as taking a mini-holiday where at the end you are rested and refreshed ?

It starts already with the joy of buying one or several new books where all you know about them, are the little teaser excerpts on the back cover. That feeling of having more than one book in your
" larder " ready to be explored and devoured, is indescribable...to a book lover at least !

Settling on your favourite perch to start the adventure of a new story, with perhaps a cup of coffee, bar of chocolate and or a glass of wine next to you, is an almost necessary part of reading ( I must say, that I struggle to concentrate with a lot of background noise ).

Like anything else in life, you get average, good and excellent books. Investing the time to scour the various offerings can be likened to a treasure hunt. The treasure being a book, that takes over your life...

A kind of book, where from the first page it grabs you and almost shackles you to it. The sort, where all else around your life is forgotten while you dive into the world presented in the book. Of course it is fiction, but that does not change the fact, that the places and characters of and in it have come to life.

Can you remember the last book you read, that transported you into its world ? You know, where you sit at work but only go through the motions because in your mind you are still in the heart of that novel ? Where you have already created the picture of how the characters should look, before seeing the movie ? Seeing the movies before reading the original book to my mind is a huge mistake.

Unfortunately like all good things, the end of the novel approaches without fail. In some cases much too soon and in other cases not soon enough ! I don't know about you, but I start to savour the last few chapters. When you are so immersed in the story, saying goodbye to it is just awful. Maybe that is why novels with a sequel are so popular...just think Twilight ( Amazon.deThe Twilight Saga Complete Collection ) or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
( Amazon.comStieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy Bundle: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest ) .

What I find so worrying, is that so many children don't read...anything. It is rather difficult to escape the lure of computerized entertainment, but I think that once a youngster has tried and had the taste of an " unputdownable " book, they will be hooked. Why don't we book-lovers try and convert one child to the joys of reading ?

The famous five started my adventure with reading, even by torch light under the duvet, if necessary...Amazon.uk Famous Five Classic 21 Book Box set