Thursday, 10 January 2013

Boys Tend To Be The Same, No Matter What Age.

A sudden ' woohoo ' from the class !

We have a small group of boys ( ages of six to eleven ) who come to us every week for English conversation. For us it is great fun and hopefully for the boys as well.

Naturally at that age a few of the things we do are considered boring and not fun. Especially as we unplug anything computer-like and they are not allowed to bring anything resembling one ! In the beginning it was rather a bitter pill to swallow but they are sort of used to it by now.

Yesterday I was playing Rummy with Sam in the kitchen and the rest were playing Memo with Bob in the lounge. Suddenly I heard the TV. Someone had found the remote and used it. As it was on the CNBC channel and in English, I kind of said to Bob to leave it on if they wanted. Soon they would grow tired of the business News and switch it off.

Oh yes, I could hear the moans of boredom. Well...all of a sudden, there was a collective and extremely loud ' woohoo '. The youngest boy came running through to us in the kitchen, giggling and blushing simultaneously and lent in to whisper in Sam's ear. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what was going on.

A further clue was Bob's comment : " Darn, I pressed the wrong button on the remote, help me ! ". All the time, there was great giggling, laughing and surprisingly whispering as well. Sam in his haste to see had thrown his cards on the table and galloped to the lounge. He didn't want to miss a thing !

But Bob had already found the ' off ' button. I think he was more embarrassed then anyone. Our remote for the satellite programs is old and at times the buttons tend to get stuck. It's rather annoying when it takes a while to land on the channel you want. Bob had wanted to get CNN on channel 123 but instead had got channel 1233.

For those of you who take the trouble to surf to such high numbers, it will come as no surprise, that the programs aimed at a more mature audience reside in this range ! These are pay per view and we don't have them connected but they do show a title image if you happen to stumble
across it. Enough to cause a " woohoo "...

Well, I must say, it was a class to be remembered. Certainly Bob and I won't forget it in a hurry. P/s next time the TV will be unplugged at the wall...