Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Most Positive Group Of People...?

Children of course !

We have had two days of snowfall and from what I am reading on the social networks ( mainly moans ), it is happening in several parts of Europe. Our part of Burgenland is cloaked with the most romantic layer of white.

As romantic as it is, it does require some effort. Clearing the driveway, uncovering your car and trying to walk without your behind saying ' Hello ' to the floor. To be honest, I did grumble while shoveling snow off our driveway. Fingers do tend to become glacial and the back twitchy with mini-pains. Who knew that snow weighed so much ?

Being a recent émigré to the northern hemisphere, I imagined that with a few feet of snow fall, the schools would be closed. In South Africa it would have been an emergency. Waiting at the local hall to collect a key, I saw the school bus stop.

Apart from a couple of waves from inside the bus, three girls ( from our English class ) got off equipped with their own plastic sleds and snow clothes. How cool is that. Here I was thinking all would stand still, yet for the children it is an adventure that they embrace wholeheartedly. Taking your sled to school...how cool is that ?

Even walking the last few meters to their house with their sled in tow, they were enjoying the snow on the verges. For them it was the height of fun, to jump,roll or make snow angels in the layers of snow. Talk about making lemonade when life gives you lemons...!


Amazon.uk :Red plastic 2-seater sledge for children

Amazon.de : R.P.L. Trading Hörnerrodel mit Lattensitz Colint

Walking to our class. I promise, this is Bob...

Our village Church basked in the snow...

Outside our bedroom.

I just like this photo.