Monday, 28 January 2013

S.O.K.O. .

The German term for " C.S.I "

Somehow I think that with the turn of the new century, the exponential growth in the " C.S.I " shows started. The first one I ever saw and started to follow addictively, was
the C.S.I ( Las Vegas ). Wow, what a mind blowing concept.

Naturally it is fiction, so a lot of real professionals thought it was un-believable ! Fair enough, they saw the real deal daily, but we non-professionals lapped it up. So much so, that more and more C.S.I's were produced and many more possibly in the future, as no producer will ever run out of cities to name it after !

Here in Austria and Germany we do share the same language, albeit with many differing accents
( some not understood by either ), and thus the same TV programs. To my delight, there is a plethora of S.O.K.O' s ( C.S.I ) on the various channels.

As with anything in life, some are better than others. But what they luckily all still have in common is the fact, that I have yet to see a bullet hovering in slow motion in the air. How annoying is it to see such futuristic stuff. It is ample to show us the " sudden " appearance of violet light when they find blood residue. At least I think so...

Local mannerisms are brought to the fore in the corresponding S.O.K.O. and that is a good thing as each city has its own identifying nuances. It must also bring a lot of revenue into the city coffers which of course is an even better point. These shows are also great advertising for Tourism. Bob and I, have already put a few cities on our list of places to visit.

Have you got a favourite show that is produced in your own neck of the woods ? One that you like to watch ?

Biggi :SOKO Wien - Staffel 1 [3 DVDs]SOKO Kitzbühel Folge 1- 10 [2 DVDs]SoKo Leipzig - Staffel 1 [3 DVDs]Soko Edition: SOKO Stuttgart, Vol. 1 [4 DVDs] there are so many more...