Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How Do You Deal With Melting Snow ?

Suddenly the romantic allure of white snow fades...

We have been blanketed in this wonderful white layer. Everywhere your eye can see, it is snowed over. Two weeks of freezing temperatures and repeated snowfalls have compacted and reinforced this whole snowy canvas.

Although, reality has started to show its less pretty face when the temperatures started to rise above freezing. In its way, this melting procedure is also rather interesting. All over you can hear the slow drip drip of water. It seems to come from all sides.

The groaning roofs are finally shrugging off their heavy load and at times you need to be rather agile trying to evade the little snow drops. In our garden, the foot or so of snow has developed little sinkholes where it is starting to melt away. Of course the only sensible footwear is the old-fashioned Wellie Gumboots / Gummistiefel as it kind of allows you a bit of comfort by keeping your feet dry ( somehow water always seems to find a way into mine ) !

Murphy's law, the few meters leading up to our front door, is just a big mud adventure. Traversing it gives you two choices : mud-free footwear and a possible muddy bottom, or muddy footwear but clean bottom ! Yep, extreme weather.

Sensibly, I have decided to forgo the added challenge of a clean entrance hall, until the whole melting procedure is over. If you want to sport pristine and sparkling clean floors, the only way to do this is to get a chair and put it near the entrance. Then sit and keep a cloth handy...every time someone goes in or out, jump into action ! Aah...not.

I would love to know, if any of you have similar problems ? How do you deal with all this muddy mush ? It is a bit drastic to put concrete slabs all over your garden. The garden should still have a natural feel. Every problem has its own solution, as I am sure this one will have as well.