Saturday, 19 January 2013

Tigger Our Cat Out On Guard Duty ?

Working For Her Supper, perhaps...

Normally Tigger is only seen by us, once it comes closer to her feeding times. Her head usually pokes rather prominently through the gap in the barn door. For her the name of the game, is to catch our attention and make sure we bring her milk and treats. When the treat is delectable ( tuna can ), we get a " Thank You " in the form of a dead small bird on our doorstep !

Where we have her feeding ' trough ' is right under the ladder leaning against a roof ledge with plenty of hay on top. In fact, her bedchamber. No matter how much we feed her or how heavy she appears, she is up those steps in seconds. That is also were I pictured her spending leisurely days and nights .

We installed one of those marvelous sensor porch lights. When we get home after dark it shines a wonderful and welcoming halo over our front door. But there are slight worrying aspects to it too.

More often than not, I am in front of the telly watching late night movies on my own. Bob sensibly makes an exit to the bedroom and uninterrupted sleep at about 9 pm. Somehow, with a touch of stubbornness, I want to see the end of movies, where quite obviously ( possible snoring evidence )
I missed the beginning.

Fine and well. There I am bundled up in the dark lounge with only the flicker of the TV throwing the occasional light, when at usually the most scary part of the movies, the outside light suddenly flicks on. We have a big lounge window ( I don't like to draw the curtains ) and it feels like the stage lights have suddenly come on. The first few times, my heart raced while I lay frozen on the couch expecting the villain to come to the window.

After a few episodes of this, I got brave and went to the window to inspect ( it is triple glazed after all ). Who should I see outside, hopping and skitteling about but Tigger, our now suddenly nocturnal wanderer. I think she actually enjoys the lime light. Or it seems like it, as it happens four to five times most nights. For all I know, she is guarding us against the dangerous, marten or the neighbours cat ?


Only picture I could find of her, in front of one of the barn doors. She has the look of : " Where is my food ? "

Inspecting her territory. Taken in summer where she was more slender.