Friday, 11 January 2013

Parking Made Easier...

Cars that park themselves, could they be the new normal ?

Let's be honest, no actually let me be honest. Parking the car is not one of my favourite past times. Parallel parking is naturally at the top of that list.

It doesn't help that I am a woman and blonde because these two, let's face it, attributes are usually used to make fun of bad ' parkers '. That famous three point guide for parallel parking is just not imprinted in my DNA and I somehow tend to find an alternative to this parking space. Even if I have to pay extra !

There is nothing more stressful to me than to try to park while the cars behind me have to wait. Invariably two of my car's wheels tend to be half way in the road. Usually you only notice this when you get out. So another round of forward and backward nudging occurs. The ensuing hooting and head shakes are not helpful either...

Seeing men drive into these parking spaces by using only a little finger on the steering wheel and on the first attempt, is not so great for my driving self-esteem either !
Already I can foresee loads of perfect women drivers shake their head in exasperation, but as I said, I am just being honest.

Imagine my joy at seeing a self-parking car on TV. The beauty of it is that you still sit in the drivers seat and look cool, executing a perfect parking sequence. Yes, they have been around long enough but they only crossed my peripheral today. ( I found a review in USA Today )

Bob of course parks like a champion. The only times he wavers, is when the co-driver ( ie. his slightly annoying wife ) takes in a hiss of air, stamps on imaginary brakes or dares to ask,
" Can you really make it, the other car looks awfully close ? ".

Are there other people out there who live in fear of parallel parking ? Men, hopefully ? Other co-drivers who tend to do the same as me ? Drop me a line and if you know of a bad ' parker ' forward this to them...


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