Sunday, 27 January 2013

Locally Produced And Made Movies / TV Programs.

A treasure trove in plain...view !

Surely most of us have grown up to the backdrop of Hollywood movies. We all remember where and when we first saw the " majors ". In a way we have become social movie snobs, thinking that only a Hollywood movie is worth enthusing about.

Look, there are some fantastic Hollywood movies out there, but we tend to forget the wonderful treasure trove of local productions ( should you read this in Hollywood, then you are already watching local... ).

Living in Austria, I am spoiled for choice as to what to watch first. The locally made TV Series
Vier Frauen und ein Todesfall - 3er-Fan-Package *Staffel 1 + Staffel 2 + Staffel 3* [6 DVDs] or even old classics such as Straßenfeger 15 - Oberinspektor Marek [4 DVDs] ), to name but a few, are just a joy to behold. Just here in Austria, there are some great actors. Being so focused on only watching one genre of programming, you tend to forget that there are others.

The fine nuances that makes anything exceptional, are all there. When did you last take the time to watch a series or movie that was made in your neck of the woods ? An added bonus is that you don't have to watch a dubbed version. Can you imagine, an original sound track ! Of course, living in Burgenland, there is nothing more local than the series made in the vineyards of Burgenland .Der Winzerkönig - Staffel 1 [4 DVDs]

Worldwide, the " Slow Food " movement has taken a big hold. Why can't we also have a " Slow Movie/TV " movement ? Take a day a week, where you only focus on and watch stuff that was made in the country you live in ? There's an idea.

More than likely, I am preaching to the converted ! But if not, go an an adventure trip in your lounge, and watch a local show.