Sunday, 13 January 2013

When Life Gives You A Green Light...

It takes courage to follow it.

Routine is a great comforter but before you know it, routine and a few decades of your life have melded together and young people are calling you " Mam " or " Sir " ! Isn't that just the most frightful reminder of growing older, especially if you haven't ( consciously ) realized that you have aged a bit ? Watch others being " Mam'ed and Sir'ed " and you can see some real flinching going on. It looks at times rather comical. You know, when the penny drops !

Naturally there is nothing wrong with that if you have found your passion early on in life...apart from the " harsh & real " reminders of being older ! It is hard to give up routine, as it usually is a life of ease, financial stability yet without surprises.

Aren't we all mostly creatures of habit ? In a bizarre way we want to change our status quo, yet we get scared when we get an opportunity.

As we age, the list of " Should have done it " gets more and more entries. I know that there are some memorable ones on mine. The do go hand in hand with strengthening our character but only up to a point. How do we know that " should do " needs to be " yes do it now " before it becomes
" should have done it "...again ?

Well, I for one know that things are going according to plan in my life, when the " Green " light starts showing up ( Oh, there are so many entries for this list and I know that each of you could put several more on it ).

  • Eg. the actual traffic lights are all green, most of the time.
  • When you think of someone and they phone you unexpectedly
  • You suddenly meet someone who can help you along in on a new career path.
  • You see an article in a magazine or newspaper that mentions the idea you are secretly toying with.
  • Everything bureaucratic goes without any friction.

When you know that life should be different, it gets harder to change and do it. What got me off my perch of comfort and stability, was the thought of suddenly being 60 and still sitting on the same perch.

When you follow your inner green light, it might get difficult and scary being without the support of a perch and safety net, but it helps you discover new strength, passions and talents...and most important of all, it brings joy and laughter and dare I say, excitement, back into your life !

Biggi :Green Light Your Life: Awakening Your Higher Self : Green Light Your Life: Awakening Your Higher Self