Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Watching The Eternal Dance Of Snowflakes.

A beautiful Burgenland winter morning.

Waking up to snow falling in the morning, must be one of the most romantic things. Somehow it always reminds me of the Christmas period, Gluehwein and delicious chocolate covered Lebkuchen ( Gingerbread ).

Yesterday the weather fairy waved her magic wand and gave us a morning of snow. Once it became light, it was just too fascinating to watch.

Sitting next to the window gave me the perfect perch to see all the beautiful ' Dance ' moves of the individual snow flakes. Depending on the wind gusts, it was either a slow and beautiful Waltz or an angry and energetic Tango !

When you looked carefully, you could actually follow the individual flakes journey in the air, as they flickered up and down. Over the space of about an hour even the roofs got their own individual white blanket.

Going outside into the snowy landscape is an energizing adventure. Feeling and hearing the crunch of snow ( of course one usually wears about 20 different layers of hats and coats and thus can't hear so well ) under your feet somehow tells you that you are still walking upright. Yes, slipping in the snow is a dangerous thought lurking in the back of the mind...

Unfortunately, the snowflakes stopped falling after lunchtime. The idyllic and romantic brush of winter will slowly melt away again. Pity. Yet, this little weather gift, uplifted my soul and made me appreciate life.


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The barn doors give a good contrast to see the snowflakes.

I just love the look and feel of white all over.

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