Thursday, 17 January 2013

Leftover Food Can Be Delicious.

No need to throw anything away...

Like most others, I love to bite into a fresh, warm and delicious piece of bread. Using leftover bread for other meal ideas, frees me up to have fresh bread as often as possible.

You know, once you start to think along the lines of " not-to-waste-food ", the ideas abound. Some of you will embark on this adventure purely because of financial pressures and others because they want to do their bit to save our planet's precious resources .

Here are a few ideas that I can think of. Maybe you know a few more ?

  • Bread and Butter pudding.
  • Homemade Knödels...using stale bread rolls.
  • Sliced and fried Knödels...leftover squared !
  • Chunks of stale bread dunked into a big cup of coffee or hot milk.
  • Resurrect shrunken vegetables in a homemade soup.
  • Lovely, scrumptious and easy to make Banana Bread.
  • Homemade pizza with yesterday's mince on top.

Isn't it ironic, that sometimes the best tasting meals happen to come about, when we just use whatever is left in the cupboard or fridge.
Of course, trying to make it again never seems to work out !

Let me know, what you created with left-over or stale food ?

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